Introducing “Possibility,” a humble yet delightfully immersive, dreamy, and colorful new single from Andrew De La Foix and Nya Li, who are always professional yet refreshingly innovative.

Andrew de la Foix is a talented programmer and engineer who is equally at home in electronic, acoustic, and orchestral musical settings. He was born in Rome and was introduced to music by a well-known record store owner at a young age. 

He was comfortable with a pair of Technics SL1200 at the age of twelve, and a few years later, he built up his own home recording studio. Over the previous two decades, as a lover of all music, he has composed and orchestrated songs ranging from dance to hip hop. We find the soul and groovy atmosphere in his songs in a modern approach, as he is a big fan of 70’s disco.

Producer/artist Andrew de la Foix and singer Nya Li team up once more to bring the soulful classic “Possibility,” complete with professional visuals, a nostalgic set-up, and contemporary dance-fusion performance.

In their fast and colorful outpouring and superbly energizing production, Andrew De La Foix and Nya Li’s irresistible dance hit prove nostalgically heartfelt yet current from a catchy EDM perspective.

Classic dance rhythms and solid electric bass collide with an ever-experimental creative edge to create a wholly immersive and surprisingly soulful new offering.

It’s likable because of its increasing level of excitement, and it’s even better because of its eventually multi-layered ambiance and relentless, dreamlike variety of synth, voice, and rhythm.

Following the vocal, the enthusiasm grows and grows, the layers of the beat expertly tied to this and its shifting phases – eventually, we’re plunged into the peak power of the instrumental with complete escapism.

Beautifully crafted, honest, and even a little innovative in its execution. With his unique style, Andrew De La Foix brings a new sense of self to the present dance-pop industry.

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