The musicality of the song has a really light-hearted yet bouncy and hopeful sort of ambiance. The music seems to be a little inspired by Latin Pop. ZAN

Is a great producer, Songwriter, and singer from MIAMI. “POR TI” is one of the amazing singles which was released recently with a great vibe. 

Born in Medellin Colombia and raised in south Florida! All his life in Miami learned to produce music. ZAN has been making music since he was 12. He would Dj all over Miami and produce for other artists and now he wants to take what he has learned and do it for himself and express himself musically. “POR TI” is one of the greatest delivery from ZAN and this will be one of the favorite tracks for sure. 

Probably the most addictive thing about this track is, as mentioned, that hook – it’s not simply the words and the melody, it’s the rhythm of the line, the variation in what follows, and of course, the verse supporting it – these alternate sections offer a pleasantly mellow and calming contrast, which is hugely effective. 

The rhythm is comforting, the instrumentation organic & pleasant, the vocals loaded with character, consistently reflecting the theme of the song. The whole thing leaves you feeling pretty wonderful – the power of music is alive and thriving. The track has been written, crafted, performed, and produced with unquestionable skill and attention to detail, but perhaps much more than this; with every sound and every line expressed there is a distinct level of passion, and this makes it all feel like something very true to the nature of those involved. 

The waiting is over. Listen to this awesome track through the link below and stay tuned with ZAN to witness more and more amazing work in the future. 

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