1Syde’s Pool Party is a fresh track with mellow energy, high passion, and a unique sense of character. The vibe set by the music is easy going and the music is rhythmically addictive from the start. 1Syde is one of the talented and magnificent artists from Los Ángeles. He always wanted to write music and present the same to the audience with a great vibe.

The musical backdrop to the song has a great sound, the riffs, the beat, the stop and start nature of the whole thing – the production is creative, and although fairly minimalist, it’s hugely effective. The track pauses and rises up again with style and precision. The hook melody is simple yet memorable, it swings around and lingers in your mind long after listening, and the way the music has been crafted around this crucial moment is impressive and works really well.

The track has a great vibe, it’s addictive; the rhythm is consistent, so it keeps you captive, but the sounds are all very unexpected and unusual. The leading riff has a retro and fairly simplistic nature to it, yet the choice of notes add to the vibe, they add to the intensity, which somehow builds and builds despite the music seemingly remaining on the same plain throughout. It’s a clever bit of production, and it’s always interesting at all times.

Pool Party will take you to another world and as the audience, you all will love the vibe, flow, and melody of the track as well. This is the kind of track that stands out boldly from it’s peers in terms of how effectively the vast, creative input fuses with the professional and stylish output. 1Syde brilliantly has done his work and we all have to give him a round of applause for releasing this mind-blowing track.  


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