Unleashing a cutting-edge fusion of Electro-Pop, Synth-Pop, and Dark Pop, Paraguay’s dynamic duo, Poly Fiction, presents their compelling track, ‘Sauvages’. It is a sensual song in French with an elegant female voice. Since 2022, Poly Fiction’s innovative compositions have brought a new vibrancy to the electronic music landscape, merging club ambience with live concert energy.

‘Sauvages’ epitomizes Poly Fiction’s unique blend of genres and influences, offering listeners an immersive musical journey that blurs the boundaries between pop, rock, and electronic music. It encapsulates the duo’s dynamic style and production prowess, reflecting their creative evolution.

As trailblazers in Paraguay’s electronic music scene, Poly Fiction offers a distinctive sonic experience that resonates globally. ‘Sauvages’ invites listeners into a world where music transcends genres and conventions. Prepare for a transformative auditory adventure with ‘Sauvages’, premiering on YouTube now.

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