Korean singer, songwriter, and composer Bluenoon, in collaboration with Han5world, manages to straddle the line between near-familiarity and originality on its debut single. Flickers of recognizable musicianship and a Korean music-inspired approach to hip hop meet with a new sense of character and a succession of current bars, introducing the artist in an increasingly attractive manner.

Bluenoon’s musicianship and production skills shine brightly from the start, with the title track’s pleasantly light on its feet yet fast-paced atmosphere. This hip-hop-soaked, synthetic track guides you through a stream of soul and passion, leaving you feeling like the quiet serenity in the midst of a delightfully chaotic universe. 

It’s busy yet soothing at the same time, and despite the experience’s oneness, the subtleties and layers that make it up are all wonderfully sharp and impressively made. We begin as we mean to go on, and the song envelops you in all the proper ways.

Bluenoon is a music producer hailing from South Korea. He is a talented artist that can make all genres of music. This is Bluenoon’s debut album released for the international audience. Play is a hip-hop-based song produced by Bluenoon and featuring rapper Han5world as the singer.

Later on, the structural decisions become more amazing — stops and breaks, moments of intensity, and quick eruptions that ensure to re-capture any wandering attention. Bluenoon combines contemporary hip-hop genres with more creatively free and unique elements. His voice has personality, to be sure, and the more of his current music you listen to, the more noticeable this becomes.

Bluenoon sets a new standard in a modest yet lasting way. A strong follow-up song from an artist that is constantly pushing the envelope in terms of creativity.

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