UNITED STATES – Planet Wave House, a rising star in the world of electronic dance music, has released their latest single, “Badder.” The upbeat tropical house song features catchy beats and lyrics that express the confidence and charisma of the singer. The song is all about feeling good and exuding positivity, as the singer encourages listeners to let go of their worries and just enjoy life.

With its infectious rhythm and lively melody, “Badder” is the perfect song to dance to and uplift your spirits, making it a popular choice among fans of tropical house music. The song blends various subgenres of house music, including Slap House, Deep House, and Pop house style original music and mixes.

Planet Wave House is known for its unique blend of tropical house music, which is a subgenre of deep house and Melodic Bass dubstep. The artist’s innovative sound has been gaining popularity among fans of electronic dance music, and “Badder” is a testament to the artist’s creative talent.

With “Badder,” Planet Wave House showcases its ability to create music that not only sounds good but also has a positive message. The song encourages listeners to let loose and embrace life’s joys, and it is sure to be a hit among fans of tropical house music.



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