Doc Suess produces an ultimately encouraging, uplifting hip hop tune, “Picture Perfect,” which combines dreamy production and contemporary rap rhythms with a quickly catchy melody and lyrically stunning premise.

Doc Suess, a hip-hop artist from Casper, Wyoming, has spent years honing his craft on the streets of 307 with his fascinating freestyle and sophisticated conceptual music. Through his contemplative verses and easy-to-listen compositions, the rapper, songwriter, and producer shed light on his personal challenges, including being in rehab, losing his mother, and surviving through the darkest of times with nothing but sheer power of will.

Doc Suess discusses his sources of inspiration in his struggle to restore hardcore hip-hop, including Eminem’s incomparable rhyme schemes and Logic’s flow, which he compares to Doc Suess’s contemplative flow when freestyling. Doc Suess’ work features his unique approaches and intricate contemporary beats that distinguish him from other harmonies.

After years of creating and writing hip-hop music, Doc Suess is ready to take the next step in his career, expanding his library with more theoretically dense poetry and dynamic arrangements. In addition, he’s developed a storytelling technique that will keep him in touch with his audience for years to come.

Doc Suess combines comprehensive and excellent bars with a rapidly recognizable, delicately catchy tune in a beautiful backdrop with plenty of space and a powerful rap rhythm.

The song has the feel of an upcoming indie anthem, with crisp and clear production allowing Doc Suess’ voice, lyrics, and the strength of the set-up and musicality to shine.

Doc Suess’ flow grows more impressive as the track goes on – the latter half sees his lyrical delivery reach an energetic peak, the pace is intense, and you’ll be lucky to catch every line the first time around. The contrast between this and the gentle swagger of the hook and the ambiance enjoyably introduces the piece.

The video that goes along with this release cements that connection to the music and the singer.

“Picture Perfect” is a powerful piece of music, musically substantial and dark while remaining minimalist — the voice and performance stand quietly tall, capturing your attention and being genuine; convincing. It’s worth a listen. Doc Suess is going to have a spectacular year in the coming year.

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