“Phenomenal” is a three-minute and five-second piece of ambient, thoughtful Horrorcore music. Amityvill3 (Amity) knows how to create something that rushes over you like a wave of color while also impressing and provoking contemplation. Right now, this tune is something of a creative masterpiece for this genre.

Amityvill3 is an east coast based horrorcore rapper. When the child stardom of his dance impersonations (Michael Jackson) declined, he was admitted inside an asylum for the trauma and ridicule of being a child performer. Becoming cold-hearted after being Inside for over 15+ years, He was said to be a danger to himself and others. 

Expressing his new love for rap and Eminem, The doctor (Buttenz) at the asylum saw something more, molded him in therapy sessions. With the doctor’s help, Amity later escaped with a newly formed style to assault those who’ve participated in events leading to his admittance, seeking revenge on those who ridiculed and spoke down on him for pursuing his passions.

The tune is tough to categorize, fusing a soft, soothing groove with flickers of hip hop kissed Horrorcore all at once. The real artistry of it is free to roam, so the experience becomes all about the music and the idea, both of which have been masterfully delivered.

Amityvill3 (Amity) devotes his entire life to music, and his latest work demonstrates an artist with a diverse spectrum of influences and an evident love for the art form on several levels.

While various complexities contribute to the dynamic and create a call and response type of performance, the voice appears brilliantly devoted to the moment and the overall intensity of the track – making it more difficult than usual to pick and choose who is steering the path at any particular time.

The longer you listen, though, the more precise those features emerge, and the more enjoyable the song’s overall evolution and flare eventually look.

As a result, the song fits well in today’s musical scene while refusing to fully adhere to the unstated standards of what constitutes a hit. With each successive release, that sense of novelty should propel Amityvill3 (Amity) forward.

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