Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electronic music, USA-based husband and wife duo Phase Contrast, known for their signature blend of Synthwave, Retrowave, and 80s Electronic genres, have released their latest work, ‘Earth Angel Industrial/Synthwave Cover (Back to the Future Mix)’.

This reimagined classic breathes new life into the renowned track, harnessing the power of Synthwave’s pulsating rhythms and Retrowave’s nostalgic melodies, all underpinned by a compelling industrial soundscape. The duo’s innovation transforms this iconic song into a captivating auditory journey, now available on YouTube.

Phase Contrast exemplifies the beauty of collaborative creativity, uniting their distinct artistic voices into a harmonious fusion of style and sound. Their dynamic music has the power to transcend time, taking listeners on a unique sonic exploration.

Join Phase Contrast’s growing YouTube community and experience the mesmerizing convergence of nostalgia and futurism through their uniquely evocative music.

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