Shifting gears totally, an ever-impressive Athan embraces the lo-fi embrace of electro-pop with “Persephone,” a calm yet poetic and melodically on-tune new single.

Athan is a singer/songwriter who creates modern music with elements from R&B, Trap, Hip-Hop, Indie Rock, Punk, and Metal. Jon Bellion, Set It Off, Slipknot, Justin Timberlake, and Ray LaMontagne are among his key musical influences.

Athan works full-time for a technology company and does game design for an escape room when he is not working on music. Keep your eyes peeled for puzzles.

Great vibes at the perfect time – Dallas’ own Athan raises the bar and uplifts the nation with this intimate yet bright, multi-layered new piece of music.

Beautifully fascinating lyrically, with the instrumental falling away to reveal Athan’s blissfully contemplative, beautiful words, the new album sheds a whole new light on the Athan corner of creativity. Far from what was expected, yet amazingly interesting and likable nonetheless.

Softness and basic chord-work lead us into the keys-led, identifiable, and addictive “Persephone” — a calm rhythm with mesmerizing, dreamy layers of delicacy building up into euphoric distortion that begs to be heard in an emotional atmosphere.

Athan’s “Persephone” is an easy smash, ageless style, and significantly refreshing in today’s pop scene. The entire arrangement, which clocks in at four minutes and twenty-nine seconds, maintains consistent with the track’s underlying aims and tone. Very nicely done.

Clever writing is a breath of newness in inventiveness while remaining passionate and competent enough to keep you heading back for more. I’m excited to see where the music takes Athan next.

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