Moses Christopher takes excellent care while writing original music, and this latest release is a prime illustration of that. “Perception” is a softly captivating Alternative and Indie-Pop EP with some distinctive music and a swiftly elevating beat, expertly mixing professionalism with genuine passion.

Moses Christopher is an Aveiro, Portugal-based singer-songwriter, musician, and producer who has been honing his performance and composer skills for over ten years. His music is influenced by many different musical styles, including classical, blues, jazz, reggae, and rock. In 2015, he received the International Portuguese Music Awards’ Best New Talent award for his first solo single, “Worst Enemy.” 

Moses received two IPMA awards in 2021 for two songs that were collaborations with different artists in two completely different musical styles. “Voar” took home the Best Hip-Hop/Rap Award, and “Magic Of The Moment” took home the Best Dance Award.

Moses Christopher recently released his debut EP, “Perception,” on April 8th, 2022, a five-song EP that blended musical styles such as Alternative-Rock and Indie-Pop with a strong Cinematic influence. Moses Christopher’s EP is a visual and musical representation of his current artistic and musical direction. Five songs with melodic instrumental compositions, personally honest lyrics, and heartfelt vocals that are meant to elicit emotion and reflection.

Moses Christopher, from Portugal, is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer with an astonishing degree of skill and passion for what he offers in his songs. If you’re new to his sound, “Perception” is a terrific place to start — an EP that captivates from the start and quickly progresses from good to great, ensuring you remember the experience.

The songs are fast to interest and leave their subtle but distinct stamp on the listener, pouring through with a beautiful combination of delicate soundscape complexities – flickers of melody and brightness, and a notably surprising yet straightforward vocal line and a string of words.

While the set-up and general sound of this EP are simple, the tracks themselves get more immersive and remarkable as they go. Moses Christopher combines openness and lyrical depth with a firm grasp of musical structure. As a result, the delicate, near-whispered verses beautifully create the stage for the lightly uplifting and memorable moments.

This sleek and skillful evolution continues throughout, with numerous stages and sections highlighting a clear audience awareness and an evident love for the art form.

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