Moses Christopher is a singer and songwriter who has taken the time to craft emotionally honest and characterful music with his latest release “Perception”. The song offers the realness of everyday love in a way that needs nothing flashy or loud to exemplify its sentiment. Bio -Moses Christopher is a singer-songwriter, musician, and producer currently based in Aveiro, Portugal. Moses has been crafting his skills as a singer, songwriter, and musician for over 10 years.

From the first few moments, Perception” presents listeners with the humble sound of an acoustic guitar, accompanied throughout by an equally subtle yet softly warming soundscape. Moses Christopher is doing a pretty good job by releasing this awesome piece of work to all the audience out there. Alongside all of this is the artist’s leading voice, the driving feature expressing these ideas, these lyrics – which are beautifully loyal, open and he is talking to your soul. His voice has the perfect tone and quality for this type of masterpiece. It’s a voice that seems as if it could, if necessary, deliver something almighty in range and depth. You see a little of that here, there’s power in the rise throughout the hook. For the most part, though, this particular release focuses on the delicacy of the situation.

The opening weight of the music has a definite sense of style to it, and what emerges as things move along adds to this effect quite intensely. Everything from the varying riffs, the instrumental tones featured at each moment, the contrasting voices presenting different ends of the audio spectrum along with an awesome video – the whole thing appears as manic yet contained within this consistently relevant arena of sound. There’s a feeling of this being a big emotional soundscape effort, almost veering off into the interesting edge of performance – so much takes place within such a short timescale. For what feels like alternative, pop, or electronic rock from the initial instrumentation.

Perception is a really beautiful piece of music, so refreshing and yet fitting for this time of year. At under two minutes long it’s easy to find yourself playing it over and over again, the places your mind wanders to as the music pours out around you have both nostalgic and considerate qualities, and in either case, you’re likely to find yourself deeply calmed by the soundscape. It also comes with that classical touch of real, organic music, so if ever live performance was to be on the cards – that’s definitely something to go and experience.

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