Dreamy production with a colorful, melodically creative aura meets soft RnB vocals and uplifting pop-flavored EDM rhythms throughout this fresh new track, “Pegadita,” from Mexican singer and composer MYKAELO.

MYKAELO is a Mexican singer from Monterrey, N.L. who performs a variety of sounds, including Pop, Electronica, and R&B. 

He began his career at the age of 16, experiencing the music scene with his rock band made up of friends, in which he had the opportunity to cooperate with other famous artists, both national and worldwide.

MYKAELO decides to return to the industry in 2021, making his solo debut with his first single #Lucifer after a 7-year musical hiatus.

“Pegadita” boasts a fantastic production thread of mounting anticipation and progressively irresistible rhythm development throughout its nearly three-minute duration.

Meanwhile, the artist injects a faultlessly smooth and similarly rhythmic vocal line to amp up the excitement throughout a remarkable first half dramatically.

The multi-colored soundscape evolves from R&B hooks to catchy drum riffs and a generally atmospheric vibe, eventually leading to the cleanly-mixed poetry that reinforces the story and dynamic of the entire song.

MYKAELO gets surprisingly sincere and thoughtful across the brief but striking rainfall that is the song, fearlessly exposing sensitivity and the genuine feelings of the music.

While there is room to expand the sound, possibly by adding another verse or expanding on the movement, it works pretty well as a single concept expression and feeling. And it’s always preferable to leave your listeners wanting more than to overdo a sound or sample for the sake of quantity.

“Pegadita” shines new light on the artist, connecting with audiences for its openness, vulnerability, purity, and solid artistic thread. Brilliant – a great way to go out and a personal favorite from the MYKAELO collection.

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