Claud is such a big fan of Paul Rudd that they actually have a song titled “Paul Rudd” on their album Supermodels. According to the singer-songwriter, the two had a serendipitous encounter on Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour that resulted in Rudd being cast in their new music video — for another track, “A Good Thing.”


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Following the release of “A Good Thing,” Claud explained how the unexpected yet delightful collaboration came to be.

“I randomly met him in passing at The Eras Tour, like at the Taylor Swift concert,” they said in a TikTok clip uploaded on Saturday (July 15). “I walked past the VIP tent, and I was like, ‘Paul Rudd, this sounds kinda weird, but there’s a song on my album. The song’s called ‘Paul Rudd.’ I hope this isn’t weird.’”

They continued, “And he was like, so nice about it, and he gave me his email. He was like, ‘Send it to me. I’d love to hear your album.’ So I sent him my album.”

“Can’t believe you trusted me with your email,” Claud added as a side note to Rudd.

“I explained, ‘I called this song ‘Paul Rudd’ because it’s me trying to envision myself as this cool and confident and charismatic, lovable character that you play, and that you just are in real life, that I’m often not.’ And he responded he loved the album.”

Claud took a chance and invited Rudd to the set for an upcoming music video.

“I was like, ‘We’re filming a music video for the song ‘A Good Thing.’ If you happen to be free on this day, would you ever consider stopping by?’ And he came for the whole entire day. He stayed for like five hours,” they said.

“It was the best day of my life,” added Claud.

Claud also shared a selfie with Rudd on Sunday, captioning the snapshot: “Me and Paul meeting at eras tour. Photo creds @phoebebridgers … no sorry you are not going to hear the end of this.”

Watch Claud’s “A Good Thing” music video, starring Rudd as a quirky mailman who’s not very good at delivering mail, below.

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