Ryn is one of the greatest, young, and skillful artists who are from Louisville. This awesome soul is making his own music in a unique way and he has recently released the track “Pardon Me” to all the audience out there. 

Ryn’s Pardon Me is a fresh track with amazing energy, high passion, and a unique sense of character. The vibe set by the music is easy going and the music is rhythmically addictive from the start.

The track in its entirety seems to be soaked in a dreamlike layer of reverb, which in a way furthers the effect of the easy-going vibe – there’s nothing jarring or loud about the music. Furthermore, the Hip Hop vocal performances featured throughout are flawless – always stylish and creative in their delivery of melody and lyricism. The structure of the track draws focus to the alternating voices in a really effective way. The leading riff is fairly minimalist, but it works – it immediately wins your attention and affection, and it also becomes familiar and comforting in an instant.

The music is great, the more you listen – the more that leading Hip Hop-inspired riff leaves its mark, and develops into something increasingly enjoyable and comforting. The rhythm is superb, and the energy of the leading vocal during the verses works brilliantly alongside all of this. 

It’s a rhythmically striking track and it really does have quite an addictive quality in this sense. The lasting effect is that listeners are highly likely to come back for more, to download the track, and to keep an ear to the ground for more releases.

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