El Oriental10, Fat Broka, and Maty Style’s latest music video, “PAL PERREO,” produced by VPL ENTERTAINMENT INC, glides through your awareness for three and nineteen frenetic, Latino-flavored minutes with the energy of Reggaetón. It features a persistent rhythm that drives right into the center of the tune and some gentle, delicately sung vocals.

PAL PERREO,” which showcases a diverse range of abilities, is a catchy and colorful summer song, with an uplifting soundtrack composed of Reagatone parts that have been cleverly mixed to create a spacious yet dynamic soundscape that stands out. 

While we start with the enticing bounce of a dancehall-inspired track, things progress in an entirely unconstrained, almost genre-free manner elsewhere.

PAL PERREO,” backed by a quick and easy evolution, bass-heavy and offbeat, blending dancehall and hip hop in a subtly communicable way. Highlights a variety of vocal streams and melodies – each one flawlessly in tune with the pace and energy of the track; boldly and memorably introducing El Oriental10, Fat Broka, and Maty Style.

The beauty of it all shows through even when English is not the primary language; in fact, the foreign tongue lends even more exoticism to the process, enhancing the beach-side atmosphere and the inherent pull of the song to recall listeners of simpler days spent embracing joy and oneness. It’s a beautiful piece of work.

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