With his debut single “OYSTERS&CHAMPAGNE,” Latvian producer/composer DJKRX introduces something a little unexpected to the world of electronic dance music, demonstrating his significant expertise and intrinsic connection to creativity in a daring manner.

DJKRX is a newcomer with a single track out and has been working on FL Studio since 2020. He began as a hip-hop beat producer but eventually discovered his passion for EDM, tech house, and deep house.

The “Oysters&Champagne” production began in the month of July in 2021, and after a lot of hard work, DJKRX had the track ready for mix&mastering, but he needed a name for the song, so while sitting at a brunch, drinking champagne, and eating oysters, he came up with the perfect track name, and we hope you will feel the same vibe, just lay back and turn it up!!

The performances throughout “OYSTERS&CHAMPAGNE” are wonderfully distinct in progression and presentation. They combine with the novelty of the compositions to elevate the moment and, by extension, the listener in an amazingly long-lasting manner. 

Even though the beat serves solely as a guide for the entire track, the adaptability and diversity are exceptional.

Rhythmic strings, electric drum, and the bassline set the tone for a song that develops in a unique and unforeseen way throughout its course, starting with a dramatic classical ambiance and building in intensity. 

Throughout the track, the instrumentation reaches a number of dramatic peaks, combining expertise with an expressive talent to create something truly unforgettable.

It has what it takes to enthrall a worldwide audience since it is all-consuming and composed of the precise set of components that guarantee a timeless hit – simple yet powerful composition, an unmistakable character in the leading riff and arrangement – “Oysters&Champagne.”

Here’s a late-night electronic dance hit full of sound-play and beautiful mayhem that will keep you dancing all night long. 

The subtleties, the layers, the rhythms, the samples, and the intensity of it all wrap themselves around the listener, causing a sudden increase in volume and effectively dragging you back in for a second to listen almost immediately after the music has finished.

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