Amazingly produced and presented, Bandanna$aint a well-known Hip Hop and Trap artist who is from Philadelphia / Atlanta, has released his single “Oxy” to all the music lovers out there. 

Having a true passion for Trap and Hip Hop music, this young and talented artist always tries to make a difference with his music tracks. Oxy is one of the cool productions with an easily addictive melody and Bandanna$aint could release an amazing video for this track. Hope everyone will love the same as well. This video is also very catchy and you won’t be able to keep your eye out of the same until you finish watching the track as well. 

This track is nicely delivered and perfectly executed acknowledgment & escapism, designed to feel genuine and to meet the stylistic desires of the modern scene. Bandanna$aint is giving an intense and heavy touch to this piece of work and it will make this track more alive and vivid at the same time. Without a doubt, this track is a mood fixer and it will give you a chilling vibe throughout the track too. It is time to enjoy “Oxy” and keep in touch with Bandanna$aint for his precious work in the near future.

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