219Nunn tackles the hip hop world head-on with this latest release, moving swiftly away from the melodic and soulful approach of before, Outside seeks to hit hard and capture an audience’s attention right the way through. The intro to this song lays out with explicit detail the intentions and energy that are about to be poured into the mix. Hip hop that has made it big in recent months and years has often been labeled mumble rap or at the very least below par when compared with the legends of yesteryear, and rightfully so in many cases 219Nunn addresses this and brings himself into the conversation with confidence and a fairly unique flow. 219Nunn teaming up with Keith Doubleo to bring you this epic single.

When things kick in, following the intro and as the verse hits, the beat accompanies the switch to this thick EDM backdrop, almost a drill club party-like in nature; distorted and heavy, far from your usual hip hop backdrop. With this comes the start of the full-throttle rap flow, something that hits with impact thanks to its contrast with the now seemingly more mellow, spoken-word style introduction. In reality, there’s an intensity to 219Nunn’s voice at every step even those opening moments reach out with volume and swagger, but this is blown out of the water by the weight that follows. Together with Keith Doubleo he manages to grab our attention and elevate ourselves into a state that helps us to feel the vibe of the song and enjoy it more.

219Nunn  has made sure to write a piece that flows like crashing waves; relentless and always bringing in something slightly different or new. Alongside this intense and memorable beat, it works well to make certain you know his sound and his style, and there’s plenty more music where this came from. As an artist, he offers a varied and passionate approach to creativity, and this single is another star in that sky. 

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