What a beautifully huge feeling of classic soul you get from this latest cover “Outra Era” from artists Ramiro Pinheiro & Ana Rossi. The opening guitar riffs set a very vintage sort of awesome scene, with even so much as that reliable and retro edge that is only usually found in a timeless live performance clip. Alongside this though, really setting the song apart from a lot of older music, is the very modern-sounding electronic synth riff, filling out all of those gaps that somewhat more organic music would often leave behind.

The track is gentle, it’s easy to listen to, and it fills the room with a mellow sort of ambiance that is calming, but at the same time, there is this massive wave of power within the music. It’s a combination of the vocal skill presented by the artist, and the general way in which the music has been constructed; moving impressively from the soft and subtle, to the outright heavy and attention-grabbing.

The music has been mixed brilliantly, really bringing out the very best in the artist’s vocal performance as well as in the instrumentation surrounding it. The more you listen, the more that melody pulls you in, and before long the whole track is imprinted in your memory. There’s a definite strength in the hook here, and there’s plenty more soul to soak up elsewhere in the song, too. It’s refreshing to hear a singer of this style of song that is so new sounding.

The music unfolds progressively – it takes its time to strike, slowly captivating you with a greatly confident sort of calmness. It sets a mellow vibe at first that really captures your attention and draws you in. As things build up, it’s not a wall of various instruments layered on top of one another to present intensity, as is sometimes the case, instead, it’s a unique and delicate touch of artistic expression – partly in the form of very specific synth and effect choices.

The greatness of the “Outra Era” comes from the well-thought-out balance between substance and sound. The humble nature of the music draws your attention willingly towards the words, and the artist’s voice has such a soothing presentation to it that there’s just no real reason to turn away once you’re involved.

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