The ever-immersive groove-making skills of Rado pour through once again with this finely crafted new hip hop fusion project Out Of Line.

Rado is an American Producer/Songwriter based in Virginia. He is signed to a self-governing record label, VMW Entertainment (Virginia’s Most Wanted). He thrives on hitting all corners with various music genres, mainly including Hip-Hop and R&B/Soul. On October 6th, 2019, Rado released his first-ever single, “No Attendance” (Another Cup), on all platforms, which was undoubtedly the first-ever release on the VMW label. In respect to this single through the territory of the “Trap and Mumble Rap Era,” Rado spectacles that he not only is highly competent and adapts to today’s style of hip hop but indeed executes with ground-breaking and yet entertaining delivery of flows. He knows what appeals to the audience and undeniably holds the crown for leaving his audience wanting more.

Fetching together colorful riffs and warming bass lines, with subtle rhythms that envelop and embrace listeners, the track’s tune sets the mood well, posing organic guitar funk and a generally laidback out vibe that quickly overpowers the bulk of the outside world.

Crisp and clear vocals lead us all over this dynamic and spacious soundscape and song, blending metaphor and confidence in a classically magnetic way.

Rado drives with a voice born to seduce with these charming RnB melodies and delicate ambiances. Out Of Line intrigues from the offset for the pure simplicity and soul of the sound, yet it goes on to wrap listeners in an exclusively rhythmic, increasingly inviting groove and mood.

The echo in the background adds a further reminder of the underlying intention and mood. This rhythmic injection of R&B voice adds a whole other layer to the single’s progression.

All of this, in the end, offers up something that’s decidedly nostalgic yet crisp, clean,A and contemporary enough to stand out amidst today’s R&B scene.

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