It’s always a total pleasure to listen to Luh Monie Huncho’s music – see the link, press play, turn the volume up. Never a disappointment, far from it. As the weekend begins to kick in, OTMTakeOver” is a beautifully atmospheric and intense listening experience that will leave you feeling incredible.

The longer you listen, the sound evolves into something familiar, the hook dances around you in a way that again makes certain you’re aware of its presence, and the leading rap vocal hits as that of a confident and more than capable lyricist and performer. You want to take the storyline, the words he presents, as meaningful and loaded with depth. You want to hear all of it, there’s a genuine and passionate undertone to the whole performance, the pace of it all just makes it a little less than easy to follow and interpret as the music moves along. If anything though, this makes you listen more than once – just to make sure you got it, to find out what that concept really is, what the creative drive was that led to the crafting of this release. A certain level of intrigue and mystique is always effective in drawing an audience’s attention.

The accompanying video for the song feeds further into the simplicity, showcasing once again that raw passion and realness, highlighting the fact that the song came from a place of genuine experience and difficulty. Sometimes a good song is all that’s needed; nothing fancy or over the top to enhance or support the key ideas – just the song itself, and a performance that means something.

The journey throughout this release, the extended mix, in particular, showcases a phenomenal level of detail and sound exploration. The core of the sound is always present, the rhythm, the pace, the synthesized wave of notes. Alongside this though, the release presents a structure that throws in more than a few snippets of an alternate reality, occasionally making for something that feels much more like a multi-sensory experience than simply audio. There’s a touch of spoken word, a few moments of industrial breakdown alongside the smoothness, and there are definite instances of grit and emotion that provoke intense thought.

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