The preparation has a slightly homemade feel to it, but this adds reality and backs up the uplifting clarity of the vocal recording in a relevant way.

T-World is a young independent artist from Canada. He became a producer, songwriter, singer, and guitarist at the age of 20. Also, he can sing and write in English and French. He was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at the age of 3. When He was young, his integration into social life was complicated. Making friends was not part of his reality until he was 14 years old.

Today, he desires to share his story with the world and show that no matter what happens, YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE, even if you are not the same. YOU CAN DO IT! As long as you believe in yourself, persevere, are controlled and motivated. Every dream can become a reality, and he is here to prove it to you all. He intends to live from his passion, which is music. He also wants to be a millionaire and own His brand. At the same time, He wishes to raise public awareness about Tourette’s syndrome.

Pouring with a quickly catchy hook for the intro, OnlyFans mixtures vocal lines for a back and forth to start things up with drive and purpose. The verses lay bare plenty of space – a specific minimalist set-up that retains the focus on the rap voice; an open and cleanly blended vocal, revealing the details and setting the sight accordingly.

Fascinating and outwardly original from the beginning, a little deeper and more solid as the workings arise, OnlyFans has a stable weight and honesty about the story that enthralls, bars that feel frank and fresh, caring and classic in their honesty and story-telling. A total wish to let play. Expectantly, there’s plenty more where this came from.

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