Beautifully uniting the weight and warmth of House music with the uplifting and hypnotic journey of intricate melodic progressions, creative producer Vero crafts blissful hits of escapism throughout this inspiring new instrumental single. Only Now is a track with a nice vibe. Its soothing yet energetic style suits almost everyone who loves to have a good time with their music. The loop and deep house vibes will surely take your memory back to when you could go to a club and enjoy till late at night. Vero is a young artist who was born in Moscow and currently based in  Amsterdam who brings a fresh new wave of music filled with energy. 

She learned that her passion is for music at her young age and spent some time crafting her natural skill and now she is ready to go to the mainstream. Though she is more into house and dance music now in her early days she played in a rock band so she got experience in almost every genre and a creative mind to use all of the experience where it fits to create something unique and amazing. At the end of the day, Vero hopes to use her music to spread positivity and happiness in the world. Brilliant. Too short, if anything, but always better to leave an audience wanting more. 

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