Protestsound, who is dedicated to keeping the pop-punk and rock-kissed sound alive and thriving, has returned with yet another fantastic piece of music, “Only Look Matters,” this time a single that is ready and willing to scream out on behalf of personal strength and acceptance.

Pop punk is the genre of music played by Protestsound. As time allowed, they offered other songs with a different approach, occasionally with the help of guests. It was a great chance. A punk rock song, a love song, Romeo and Juliet during the pandemic, this song only looks significant.

For the past two years, PROTESTSOUND has been on a sound odyssey. It’s time to get back to the real world now. They went all out and performed their best song. Several guitars can be heard in the background. They’re from a neighborhood where the ghosts of the deceased are still playing the Ramones.

“Only Look Matters,” which has a certain rock weight to it and a straightforward structure that allows the song to weave its way into your mind swiftly. It brings together fantastic riffs, accessible melodies, and unforgettable passion and strength that the band never fails to give.

In this song, the pop-punk vocals and punk-rock outfits strike a delicate balance between roughness and delicacy once more, and the lyrics contain some absolutely unexpected observations that are precisely in tune with the song’s implied attitude. 

It has the feel of a quick and expressive rock-soaked, poetic documentary that is impossible to ignore. Protestsound’s “Only Look Matters” is one of the best songs ever created.

As always, the band’s excellent vocalist injects a powerful sense of realism and greater connection to bridge that distance even more. The development and melody have a mesmerizing appeal to them, as does the cohesiveness between the music and the lyrics.

Powerful stuff is an addicting track that begs you to listen to more than a couple of times over and over again. 

The energetic weight of a supremely well-crafted pop-punk and rock-kissed composition can drown out the importance of the world. 

The band has done well, and I am looking forward to seeing them perform live at some point in the near future.

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