PROTESTSOUND reappears with another captivating piece of original music, “Only Look Matters,” which is ready to scream out on behalf of personal power and acceptance, keeping the pop-punk and rook-kissed sound alive and flourishing.

PROTESTSOUND pushes the boundaries of modern genre fusion by fusing sensitive composition with a pop-punk kissed rock sound, ” Only Look Matters,” and style to create a completely immersive, addictive hit of powerful conceptual poetry.

These past two years have been a sound odyssey for PROTESTSOUND. Now it’s time to return to reality. The band contributed to it all and played their most excellent song. Guitars are blaring in the foreground. They’re from the street where ghosts are still playing the Ramones.

PROTESTSOUND has been very active with LPS, EPS, and SINGLES in the last two years.

“Only Look Matters” is a radio version of the song and one of PROTESTSOUND’s most recent album, LEGACY’s key singles. This song is a pop-punk rock tune for which they produced a unique mix. To make an English mix, they used to “voice into the mix.” They pushed the voice forward in that situation, creating a glue mix with more clarity and power.

PROTESTSOUND weaves uprising ambiances and energetic intentions across a refreshingly authentic, courageously open, and fittingly titled “Only Look Matters,” which is conceptually engaging from the start for the familiar vocal tone and the relentlessly honest, personal outpouring.

“Only Look Matters.” is what music is precisely in desperate need of right now. Excellent guitar work, powerful pop-punk flavored rock vocals with plenty of emotion and strength, beautiful lyrics and structure, and fantastic band cohesiveness

“Only Look Matters” effectively captures the moment’s excitement and emotion. The proportions are perfect. And it’s just one of the many whys and wherefores why this is my current favorite single of the year.

Powerful stuff is an addictive song that begs you to listen to it more than once. The energetic weight of a supremely well-crafted pop-punk/rock drowns out the world’s weight. PROTESTSOUND has done well, and I hope to see these musicians perform live at some point in the future.

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