Ingmar keeps things crystal clear, honest, and colorful with this easy-going new pop-funky release.

Ingmar is a versatile Upcoming artist currently from Estonia. He is a popping young star in Estonia who predominantly sings Pop.

He just turned 17 years old, and music is what he truly loves the most, and that is what he wants to do in his life. He started writing songs and singing about a year ago, but he has been playing classical and pop violin for almost 11 years.

Featuring infectious vocals that lead with confidence and faultless skill as they meander through various verses, One Day Or Another is a pop hit waiting to bang.

The soundscape has a modest, simple arrangement – recognizable in a subtle way. The making is outstanding, and the first vocal draws you in for its confidence and style.

Bright pop single has style, contemporary, and easy to get into, with a professionally captured video to further the summer-time vibes and inherent confidence of the performances.

Beautifully crafted, rising from dreamy beginnings to the brightness and energy of its hook, One Day Or Another holds closely to a select few riffs and lyrics for an easily memorable core.

Resolving well and starting with the title for the verses, One Day Or Another has the makings of a pop hit, the added benefit being the natural passion of the electric guitar – and of course, the upfront, accessible clarity of the voice and the storyline.

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