Bringing together the unique talents of Holocènes, On The Ground proves an artistic and musically engaging new single, with a satisfying melody that quickly weaves its way into your headspace.

Holocènes is an artist band based in Sweden. They have started to make music in 2010, but their relationships, work, travel, and life, got in the way of their musical journey to begin. In 2021 they are finally releasing their first set of songs perfected over many years.

Holocènes says, “We are emotional, passionate, living for the art of transferring impactful real-life events to an experience for others. We fear not pain nor sorrow. We fear not life. We choose to feel, to express, and to share. Our music is colored by the Nordic melancholy but full of flavor and colors from our dreams.”

Blending quickly catchy melodies with an intriguing, attention-grabbing concept, “On The Ground” is loaded with color and multiple layers of pop brightness. Yet, it also obviously marches to the beat of its own drum. The result is something perfectly immersive, refreshing, and addictive to listen to.

Well crafted and well balanced between pop and indie style while being an alternative song. Great stuff.

Listen to On the Ground on Spotify.

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