PeaNudda DaProblem’s latest release, “On purpose,” hits hard with its theme of fathers’ undeniable love for their adored children in an emotional yet lively and energizing manner, as evidenced by the video for the song. The song, which is accompanied by highly appealing sets of live videos of his children, captivates its audience with a pleasant and heartfelt atmosphere.

This newest single from hip hop’s PeaNudda DaProblem combines a stunning beat with an unusually rhythmic RnB/Rock vocal. It is the music that first draws you in. The crisp and clean finish enhances the basic features and layers that transport you back to a more innocent time.

PeaNudda DaProblem’s “On purpose” is an RnB/Rock kissed,  honey-drenched hip hop confection with some innovative production choices to keep things fresh, with a sweet tone, rapid-fire vibrato, an outstanding falsetto range, and omnipresent hip hop beats.

In the same vein, the synths and samples that occur intermittently throughout the track have a distinct air of originality about them — good production contributes to creating something that is constantly growing and continually engaging.

With a clever and restless (in a laid-back kind of manner!) narrative, we are guided through the track to the point where we find ourselves wanting to hit repeat over and over again, as the track, “On purpose” is topped and tailed with the same engaging sound qualities.

The whole thing is finished with a particular technique. With equal parts dynamic and swift familiarity, it flows through – the hook becomes ingrained, as does the artist’s approach, and musically, there’s a lot to enjoy, which distinguishes it from the majority of recent releases.

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