Udo Weiß currently has a refreshingly original and truly delightful sound and a total joy to lose yourself in. If you first try to categorize “Omikron” as EDM, electronic, or dance music, you’ll rapidly realize how distinct these genres are and how wonderfully practical this specific synthesis is.

Udo Weiß’s “Omikron” is an EDM anthem that cleverly blends electronic production and build-up with appealing EDM inclinations in the melody. It pulls together the bare elements of composition with an addicting and Electronic beat and tempo, resulting in an anthem that gets you moving.

With intensity and a surreal ocean of synths, the track “Omikron” grabs you from the get-go and proceeds to loop magically in the way that only hardcore, well-tuned releases are capable of doing. 

Even though there is a strong sense of nostalgia there, this is also clearly something new – suited for the modern world and, ideally, destined to reignite the flame among EDM communities around the world.

With a duration of fewer than four minutes, the tune feels far longer than it should. Before we’ve even gotten halfway through, there’s a dancing realm of reflecting, dance feel that takes over, before we return to the comfort of these gamer-esque tones and pieces for one more rush.

“Omikron” is a subtle but powerful earworm with a rhythm that is easy to connect with — regardless of your musical tastes. Udo Weiß does a good job at going his own way and letting the beat and rhythm shine through naturally. It’ll be intriguing to watch where the music takes him next.

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