Fans are thirsty for Olivia Rodrigo‘s fast-approaching new single “Vampire,” and lucky for them, the pop star has shared a visual sneak peek at the track days ahead of its release.

In a Tuesday (June 27) YouTube Shorts teaser, Rodrigo can be seen through a camera monitor lying on a patch of grass, sporting a dark red lip shade akin to the one she wears on the GUTS cover artwork as a pounding electric guitar-filled snippet of “Vampire” plays. As the song intensifies, a Twilight-esque blue-green haze engulfs the 20-year-old singer onscreen.

“so excited for Friday!!!” Rodrigo captioned the clip. “here’s a first look with @YouTube Shorts 💜💜💜 #vampireOR2.”

The former Disney star didn’t specify what exactly the visual was for, though a music video seems to be the most likely option. What is known, however, is that “Vampire” — Rodrigo’s first release since her 2021 blockbuster debut album, SOUR — arrives Friday (June 30) and will be followed by GUTS a little more than two months later.

Rodrigo announced her sophomore record just one day prior to the new “Vampire” sneak peek, surprising fans Monday (June 26) by unveiling GUTS‘ release date (Sept. 8) and cover art in a post on social media. “I made the bulk of this album during my 19th year on this earth,” she said in a statement released shortly after. “A year that, for me, was filled with lots of confusion, mistakes, awkwardness & good old fashioned teen angst.”

Two weeks before that, Rodrigo announced “Vampire” with a similar post to social media, sharing the single’s cover art. Since then, she’s been tiding fans over by steadily dropping clues about the single, including a couple lyrics and what fans think to be a snippet of the track’s instrumentals.

Watch the new “Vampire” teaser below:

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