There’s a distinct sense of identity about this release from the songwriter “THRILL”. Offline” offers up something completely new, an original sound, style and character, yet all the while taking snippets of influence from a number of different directions to make certain that the soundtrack works – which it undoubtedly does.

The song creates a certain ambiance and mood from the offset, which is built upon more and more as things progress. The instrumentation is the sort that removes the barriers between the k pop world and the somewhat more organic one, resulting in something that seems partly like an alt-folk offering and partly like an R&B classic with a twist. There’s a definite indie edge to it all that really works in its favor, and furthermore, THRILL’s leading voice and lyricism make for something incredibly soulful and fresh. You can hear the passion in his voice, rising at the right times, being more delicate when necessary – it makes up the bulk of that signature trait or sound that gives the music such a strong sense of identity.

Some of the instruments used in this track are quite unusual, so although the track has a very classic feel to it – that nostalgia we all crave – there is a lot about it that is brand new, and that’s something which speaks volumes. It’s the kind of track that really gets you geared up for the good times, encapsulating the right kind of mood for winter. Some of those retro synth sounds are subsequently really effective in this setting.

The single has been brilliantly crafted, from the gentle and easy to relax to ambiance, to the creative variety as the beat moves along, to the precise and satisfying display of lyrical flow – everything about it presents equal parts professionalism and character. You get a sense of secure identity and personality, the sort that will bring audiences back for more releases as they seek out that familiar sound from here on in. And the professional element, the crisp and compelling power of the audio, makes for a complete and enjoyable release that is incredibly easy to vibe to. Taking just a snippet of soul, of R&B, of hip-hop, and fusing them by means of this fresh and peaceful soundscape – Offline” is a solid and memorable release.

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