The distinctive craft of Ona Vargas takes on a smooth new ambient realm of jazz-kissed rhythm and tenderness for the hypnotic audio embrace that is Ode to a Flower, a newly released fresh new single.

Ona Vargas, a singer, and songwriter from New York’s Queens creates a distinct new tone with this Jazz & Indie blend, and the instrumentation captivates from the start.

The music meanders in a typical composer-like manner throughout the song, starting with a simple loop and progressing to explore more fantastic realms of feeling and atmosphere later on. The piano solo always jumps out, keeping a relatively emotive melodic quality in the foreground.

Strings hold down root notes for the melodies to float around, and percussion skips, taps, and claps around a dynamic intervention point.

Ona Vargas’s Ode to a Flower seems like the kind of medicine you want to take. Not only because you have to, but because you want to. May it enter you and boost your optimism as well—a fantastic piece of music.

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