O, don’t u know is unlike anything else you’ll have seen of late, and unlike Moe Moks other work. It proves gorgeously compelling as it skilfully contrasts subtle shock and intensity with utter purity, delicacy, and profoundly human feeling.

Moe Moks, the World music artist raised in Texas, born in Lagos, Nigeria, knows a thing or two about struggling and getting by. He arrived in Texas after escaping lock-up by a dictatorship government. Now he makes music that inspires generations.

From being homeless in Boston/New York to being featured at Coachella Music Fest and Brazil, Moe Moks stands for resilience at its most refined and black excellence. What’s next for him is the moment defining record “O, don’t u know” from his upcoming EP “Doyin & †he WAR,” as well as building the world by connecting with social justice initiatives.

Then you get the drop to the more significant moment, almost five minutes in, and the entire mood intensifies – darkness and power storm through, taking the reigns and reigniting those initial thoughts of O, don’t u know, and all that its teachings entail. 

The music has been so pristinely and attentively crafted. It seems to perfectly blend the natural complexity of human feeling with the unlimited resources available in the world of audio production and composition. Professionalism and purity unite, nudging listeners to forget that this is just music and to delve in fearlessly as their own memories and feelings make profound connections with the details and journey presented.

Another unique and completely different piece of music from composer Moe Moks. Musically pristine, skillful, expressive, and deeply passionate. An audio journey completely worth experiencing in full, at volume.

An incredibly well-crafted single. From an artist who speaks from the heart and sings from the depths of his soul. Fully recommended.


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