Uniquely synth-kissed production collides with addicting afrobeat rhythms and a distinct level of vocal uniqueness – introducing a fashionably unmistakable “O” DONT U KNOW from outstanding artist Moe Moks.

After making tremendous impacts writing singles for renowned singers, African-born artist Moe Moks is battling his way into the mainstream with a style that has never been heard before. Fortunately, he has some fighting experience. In truth, he arrived in America after escaping the clutches of a dictatorial regime. Now he creates songs that will inspire future generations.

Moe Moks represents tenacity and black greatness, having gone from being destitute in Boston/New York to perform at Coachella Music Festival and J Cole’s Dreamville Festival. Now he’s back with a game-changing EP titled “the WAR.”

Rather than overwhelming listeners with the brightness and excessive bounce so common in afrobeat and dancehall, this single maintain a modest level of sincerity throughout – even the songwriting touches on an inspiring topic while meandering through simple, poetic observations quickly suit the mood of the music.

On top of an undeniably successful production of building pieces, “O” DONT U KNOW exudes an enormously positive and inspiring vibe. The room is filled with beautiful vibrations the entire time – the soundscape is multi-layered, stunning, and full of music, passion, and happiness. Then there’s the concept, the short lyrics, the feel of character in Moe Moks’ voice, and the plot. Once again, there are a few sprinkles of metaphor, which are simplistic yet rather memorable. All of this contributes to a successful transaction.

While there are many synths and sounds at work, the outcome is relatively simple — you can focus on the distinct sound of this voice, the steady confidence with which it streams through, and the power of these riffs and rhythms as they rain down around you. A solid debut to an artist whose music has a distinct personality and purpose.


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