With his latest release, “Nun Less Than 100,” BabyKage dives directly into the contemporary hip hop scene, hoping to inspire and motivate. With some of the most exciting artwork to appear in recent years, it draws you in from afar. It rapidly seals the point as an exceptional single that confronts his intended audience directly and unapologetically in an open, honest manner.

BabyKage, a 23-year-old Galveston County, Texas-based aspiring artist, is the subject of this profile. “Skip2MyLou,” which will be released in early 2020, has a distinctive sound and unorthodox flow, with numerous upbeat and slower tempo songs. The Suite Life of Kage” was launched by BabyKage in 2017 under the pseudonym Johnny Hollywood Kage. Robert Grays and Blake Carlisle, two of his closest pals, passed away in 2017 as well. As a result of this, he felt inspired to keep going with his music.

When Cameron Erskin was shot dead in Houston in 2020, he lost his best buddy. It became increasingly difficult for him to retain his attention on the music as he struggled to acquire a foothold in the industry. To recharge, he took a few days off from work. Due to the death of his pals, BabyKage has released two projects and has just produced a music video for his song “Nun Less Than 100,” and he plans to return to the music industry in 2022.

On this latest release from hip hop’s BabyKage, a trendy groove meets a uniquely raspy and rhythmic vocal. The soundscape draws you in right away. The crisp and clear finish works nicely with the classic elements and layers that transport you back in time.

The beat itself becomes more remarkable and pleasurable as the song progresses, and you’re left wanting to return the release to revel in that multi-colored soundscape once again and to ensure you didn’t miss a bar or a notion that counts. 

There’s a lot to connect with and think about philosophically here, and there’s also a nice blend of current familiarity and creative flexibility.

Aside from the musical strengths, BabyKage’s voice breaks up the intensity with a powerful, confident display of short lines – modern references mix with motivational energy and a vocal tone that eventually leads with subtle individuality and swagger.

All of this works well as a unit, and while this is far from his debut single, it is undeniably a significant step in the right direction.

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