Mon’ro blends an addictive melody and creative soundscape for this latest single. Leading with the song’s hook, Not Da Same’ turns its focus towards contemporary hip hop fans, but all the while keeps a certain sense of delicacy and character about Mon’ro’s vocal style and lyricism.

His bars are consistently melodic, but it’s subtle – the whole thing effectively meanders along the line between rap and melody, and the flow switches gear more than a few times. The punchy bass and the melody create a vibe full of passion and energy. Mon’ro is a rap artist from Louisiana. 

He is a creative artist who is passionate and has a very creative mindset. That combination helped him to produce some energetic tracks which can be enjoyed by a wide range of listeners. Each of his songs is different from one another but all have his signature stamp and identity which he hopes to carry on his mission to be one of the greats in the industry. Fortunately, there’s enough personality in the sound, a recognizable vocal style, to hopefully get listeners coming back for more. You can enjoy his amazing music on all major streaming apps Apple Music: Monro “A Long Time Coming” Spotify: Monro Soundcloud: monroeenuffsaid and be one with his amazing visual by subscribing his YouTube Channel.


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