ODDxRude as an artist is an absolute storyteller. No Risks” pulls you right into the center of the action from the moment you press play. The music has the mellow and somewhat ambient aura of classic hip-hop and rap combined, yet the artist’s lyricism and passion on top of this make for a powerful contrast. It’s gripping to follow the lines along, to find yourself lost in both the music and the storyline. It’s a refreshing experience and a really unique and characterful approach to hip-hop.

What adds to how impressive this is, is the artist’s awareness and utilization of structure – something that is unfortunately not always appreciated in modern rap music. This particular sub-genre belongs to a reflective and thoughtful group of lyricists, but even so, many artists simply build or take a beat and then work their flow over the top of it. In this case, the music has been rightfully considered an inherent part of the artistry, and you can hear this in the pauses, the changes, the way the music, and the tone of his voice work in unison to portray the various evolving moments. It’s captivating to listen to, and adding the effect is the artist’s creative and ever-changing flow; again always feeding into that tripped-up beat and the ups and downs within the instrumentation. When things are calm, the flow is calm, and vice versa.

The high-quality product is one thing, making this a radio-ready and easy to relax to piece of music and writing. It’s a familiar yet always welcome and professional sort of backdrop. It evolves in a pretty creative and hypnotic way, there’s a hugely atmospheric undertone to the soundscape. On top of this, the voice, the driving force behind the song’s sentiment, has that precise sound and style linked purely to the artist responsible for it – there’s an inherent individuality there and that speaks volumes.

Structurally there’s a lot to appreciate about the song. The variety of influence is showcased by means of these unstoppable snippets of different genres, and it’s amplified further by the changes in pace, the fall away to the mellow, then rise back up to the manic, the switch from the rap to the melody, the numerous drops featured throughout. The creativity is limitless, and yet as stated originally – the thread is there, the realness remains, and that leading vocal has a certain character and style that undoubtedly makes itself familiar. ODDxRude has the confidence and skill to carry the song with precision and emotion, and it comes through in a passionate and uplifting sort of way. Well worth checking out, a fresh take on modern hip-hop and creative music-making.

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