Effortlessly cool, ever-shifting, compelling and sensibly exploiting the skills of the singer. “No Opptionz” is the latest single release of Ghost Ridah, occasional music releasing artist.

Ghost Ridah is a hip hop and rap artist based in Arkansas. He has been singing since 2000. But what’s unique about this singer is that he has released only two albums and one singles so far, with a long time frame between those releases. Although he is occasional music releasing artist, his creations are top quality that caught many Spotify listeners’ attention.

Computerized beats that run muted and compelling synths that give an extra shine to the song make a piece of perfect music suitable for slow-motion dancing. The vocals are strong, straight and confident, and the lyrics are flawless. “No Opptionz” juggles around hip hop and rap-style singing, making it a unique, exciting and cool song.

The music and vocals’ quality shows off the artist’s experience even though he doesn’t boast about himself. Ghost Ridah says, “Let the music speak for itself!”

Listen to “No Opptionz” on Spotify. Do not forget to check out his other songs too.

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