Absolute clarity, classic beat design, and vocal integrity in swathes – No Opptionz introduces the artist Ghost Ridah in a quickly impressive, engaging, and memorable way.

Ghost Ridah is a rap artist based in Arkansas. He has been on Spotify since 2018 and has released two albums and one single so far. No Optionz is his latest song released in 2021.

It starts with mellow synths and an infectious hook that rests in rapping parts; No Opptionz flows on a mellow drum beat that can move you slowly to its rhythm. The singing vocals are straight, euphonious, and confident, and the rapping parts are robust, flawless, and confident.

The slow pace of No Opptionz makes it a perfect choice to hear at night while enjoying and relaxing with music. The song will take you to a euphoric state that you’ll never realize how much time it has taken to finish the piece unless you check out the time tag. No Opptionz flows on a little less than 3 minutes, but it will feel like about a 1-minute song because of its symphonious music.

Listen to No Opptionz by Ghost Ridah on Spotify and be ready to fly high with its music.

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