A striking number that provides a feeling of immersive presence over the entirety of this fresh new late-night anthem from ‘Z.’ 

Dreamy, ethereal layers of synth and voice meld with modern trap beats, while a cleanly mixed and rhythmically hypnotic rap vocal transports us into a nostalgic hip hop landscape with equal parts clever allusion and notably intimate revelation.

Rap and Hip-Hop artist ‘Z’ is from Massachusetts. His career began on SoundCloud, and he has since released several hits, including “It!”, “Troublesum,” and “No Jumper.” He is the founder of #HookAnimalz, a hip-hop group, and his newest release “Animalz” is also set to drop June 15th.”

‘Z,’ who raps in his own distinctive style with his distinctive lyrical deliveries and ironic allusions, punches into a wide range of music genres, including indie/rap/pop/rock/alternative rock and whatever may come next. A talented and immensely diverse artist, ‘Z’ is an up-and-coming talent in the music world. His originality and fresh sound are sure to make waves in the industry and propel him to success.

No Jumper’s distinctive sound and style come through in a memorable way, as Z-like qualities pervade the music. The vocal starts with a calm vibe of contentment, and while certain parts are full of passion, the ethereal soundtrack also includes waves of melancholy. Add vocal support for that vintage hip-hop persona; then, “No Jumper” effectively bridges the gap between genres’ past and current.

Z’s No Jumper is all about the here and now, but with a vintage hip-hop twist that’ll have fans hooked for days. It’s an instant classic and a track you’ll want to listen to on repeat. So check it out and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

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