With this track, No Gimmicks makes a solid first impression. With an immediate sense of intention, “Make Snoop Happy” pours through with a calm and collected yet lyrically sophisticated sense of flow. The song is complemented by a conceptual visual that further enhances the innate awareness of the writing.

It begins as a one-of-a-kind ambient soundtrack, dark and interesting, enigmatic and seductive for its delicate aura, quickly becoming a rhythmically catchy rap/hip hop hit with a surprisingly sophisticated structure. 

The entire experience continues to throw curveballs whenever you become complacent, so while there are threads that link the experience and make it identifiable, there’s also plenty that you’re unlikely to predict.

There is a distinct edge of contemporary rap/hip hop styles and sounds on No Gimmicks’ release, but this is primarily to pique an audience’s attention. 

The rest of the work, including the music and the way the whole thing steps forward and back again intermittently, contributes to creating a level of individuality that becomes apparent as being the calling card of these artists.

The goal and depth of the tune are clear from the beginning – the ambiance and the artists’ own vocals drive the track forward to express this. With each passing minute, the whole thing draws you in even more. 

It has the sensation of an emotional outburst or freestyle in many areas while firmly grounded in well-crafted bars and thoughtfully selected remarks in others.

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