On this track, MiCCFlame strives for a more contemporary vibe. “No Games” is propelled forward by a straightforward yet effective beat — a few well-known but slightly off-center riffs create a relaxing atmosphere.

If you think hip-hop and rap are just a bunch of people droning on about nothing, you’d be wrong. Unapologetically himself, MiCCFlame is a refreshing breath of fresh air in an otherwise stable scene. Sobriety and mental health are essential to MiCCFlame, and he says when asked why he doesn’t talk about drugs in his music. 

According to MiCCFlame, we all have our own personal demons that we must face head-on. In an interview, MiCCFlame, born Michael Athens Tsavidis JR on December 8th, 1988, says he has always known he would be an international sensation. And “from hooper to the moon,” he continues, is correct, in my opinion. His Spotify streams have surpassed 10,000 thus far, and he’s only getting started.

Everything about the track progresses in an unconstrained and unpredictable manner — there is no steady framework to which one can easily relate. As opposed to that, it has the feel of a short film or a piece of theatre. 

However, the farther you progress in the game, the more comfortable you grow with the various building components – including MiCCFlame’s voice – and the more the adventure begin to make sense to you.

With a running spell of only four minutes and three seconds, “No Games” will have you questioning whether or not you’ve actually seen the movie. In fact, the listening experience has an almost hallucinatory flavor due to the sheer size of the mix, which has massive slabs of sound that have been compressed to the point where everything sounds louder than everything else.

Hook, melody, ambiance — this inventive breakaway adds even more to an already excellent track. MiCCFlame’s compositions have similar qualities: he never just reads or rhythmically mumbles a bunch of worthless phrases but instead crafts a performance out of what he does. In addition to the enjoyment, there is also a lot of positivity and motivation to be found.

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