The whole single No Attendance is loaded with laid-back vibes and inspired contemporary music, and at no point does the content lack meaning or reality.

Rado is an American Producer/Songwriter from Virginia. Signed to an independent record label, VMW Entertainment (Virginia’s Most Wanted), he thrives on hitting all corners with various music genres, mainly including Hip-Hop and R&B/Soul. On October 6th, 2019, Rado released his first-ever single “No Attendance” (Another Cup) on all platforms, which was undoubtedly the first-ever release on the VMW label. In regards to this single through the realm of the “Trap and Mumble Rap Era”, Rado shows that he not only is highly competent and adapts to today’s style of hip hop but indeed executes with innovative and yet entertaining delivery of flows. He understands what appeals to the audience and undeniably holds the crown for leaving his audience wanting more.

His parents exposed him to different music when he was young, including R&B and gospel music. From Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill to Stevie Wonder and Kirk Franklin, he would later find his appeal with hip hop, as he would be enlightened, it becomes his main interest in all genres in music. He became a student of hip hop and wrote his first rap at 14. But most of all, not only does he rap, but he also produces. 

The heart of real hip-hop is uprightness; the bangs in place set the vibe, then all that’s needed is the will to be open and to be true to oneself when performing – and this is somewhat No Attendance consistently follows too. No Attendance allows listeners to get a real insight into Rado’s ability by keeping a Strong sense of appeal that remains solid throughout the track and once involved; there’s plenty to appreciate and relate to.

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