The production on “Nightmare 2” is stunning, allowing you to focus on the song’s words thanks to the song’s heavy reliance on wet and dry voice signals. We’re lured in by the seductive octave-spanning vocals of LoneStar Syx and Big Tooly, only to be shocked by the abrupt end, which forces us to hit the repeat button to hear it all over again. As if we’ve left the warm mix behind and entered a tropical rainstorm, the sensation is palpable.

It’s safe to say that “Nightmare 2” is one of the best hip hop tracks to have emerged thus far this year. LoneStar Syx writes and plays in such a constantly attractive manner, and the overall flow of this particular soundscape is a testament to their abilities in this regard.

This release’s success can be attributed in large part to the vocal tone of the lead singer. It doesn’t hurt that LoneStar Syx and Big Tooly’s vocals are expressive and full of personality – not to mention readily and naturally confident enough to win you over even from a distance. 

Creating a tune that appears to be constantly evolving and changing is challenging, with numerous sections at work, without relying on a disproportionate number of musical shifts or dips. LoneStar Syx constructs a complete tale and set of scenes entirely around his audience, speaking exclusively in his own voice together with Big Tooly for the majority of the time.

In addition, the lyrical and musicianship that flow alongside this ensure that LoneStar Syx is introduced as an artist who has a legitimate commitment to the art form.

LoneStar Syx’s “Nightmare 2” is a simple tune to get into, but it’s one that’s well worth returning to again and again — a second and third listen lets it all sink in and have a more profound impact.

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