Artist and songwriter Solora blends ambient embrace with outright soulful expression, combining creative vocal play with a soothing groove and classic production.

Night And Day begins just at a four-minute mark with nostalgic R&B vocals over a dreamy atmosphere of gradually increasing energy.

Solora is a UK DJ/Producer who specializes in old-school, soulful R&B with a retro feel. Night And Day is the latest release from Solora, and it’s best heard while winding down on the beach at dawn or in a warm beach bar at sunset. If you’re a fan of R&B or soul music, then you’ll definitely want to check out Solora’s latest release. 

The reason is clear – there’s just something about Solora’s music that is undeniably catchy and soulful. It’s the perfect blend of R&B and pop, with a touch of old-schools music to keep things interesting. And it’s all wrapped up in a package that is both easy on the ears and easy on the eyes.

The leading female vocal is smooth, sultry, and a little bit mysterious – it’s the perfect backdrop for the dreamy, atmospheric production. And the male vocalist provides just the right amount of energy and enthusiasm to keep things moving along.

The soundscape is atmospheric and heavily layered, with a touch of reverb to give it a bit of ethereal quality. And the production is top-notch, with a clean, polished sound that is sure to please even the most discerning listener.

Night and Day is a perfect song for listening to while relaxing on a summer day or for getting lost in thought on a long car ride. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy Solora’s latest release, Night And Day.

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