Andrew Watt and Jon Bellion spoke to Billboard News about the creation of Jung Kook and Latto’s “Seven,” which debuted at No. 1 on the Hot 100. We have reached the quarterfinals for Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off. Netflix just announced a four-part doc series honoring female MCs, titled ‘Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop’; fans of Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliott quickly took to social media after both women were excluded from the trailer. And more!

Tetris Kelly:
The Barbs are upset that Nicki might be missing from a documentary. Bad Bunny’s got some new digs to update your wardrobe. I speak to the men behind Jung Kook and Latto’s No. 1 hit. Billboard Explains how AI is affecting the music business. And we announce the quarterfinalists in our Fan Army Face-Off.

It’s Wednesday, July 26th. I’m Tetris and this is Billboard News. A lot to get through today so let’s jump right in to our first story.

Jon Bellion:
“This one little section that we thought was super hitty — and it was just a beat that had Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and the hook. Fast-forward two years later, it kind of went crazy!”

Tetris Kelly:
Are you still singing Jung Kook and Latto’s “Seven” repeatedly? It’s this week’s Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 and we’re taking you behind the song. “Seven” is one of the first true A&R collaborations between Scooter Braun and Chairman Bang of HYBE since their partnership began in 2021.

They put the team together that included Andrew Watt, Cirkut and Jon Bellion. We spoke to Jon about how the track came together.

Jon Bellion:
“I got a phone call from Watt. Watt and Cirkut are the two producers on the record. This was probably two years ago. On a random Saturday, I kind of just took it into the studio by myself and just kind of filled it out.”

Watch the full video above!

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