BabyKage keeps things swift and solid with his newly released Remix “Nice For What.” Beginning with a catchy visual story little over one minute long, the single creatively wraps its wings around the listeners for an almost five-minute lifespan. This release sees the artist swiftly deliver his carefree lyrics over a series of dreamlike riffs and synths and an engaging electric drum-line.

BabyKage is a 23-year-old Galveston County independent artist. He has a very distinct sound and an unconventional flow, and he has many uptempo songs and many slower tempo songs, such as “Skip2MyLou,” which was released in early 2020. Under the alias Johnny Hollywood Kage, BabyKage began a series called “The Suite Life of Kage” in 2017. In 2017, he also lost two close friends, Robert Grays and Blake Carlisle, which inspired him to keep pushing with his music.

Cameron Erskin, his best friend, was killed in a shooting in Houston in 2020. A lot of things were going on while he was trying to gain traction, and he found it challenging to stay focused on the music, so he decided to take a short break. BabyKage has released two projects since the deaths of his friends, and he recently released a video for his song “Nun Less Than 100.” Despite losing his father a few months ago, BabyKage is back and ready to take the music industry by storm in 2022.

“Nice For What” kicks things off with a musically heavy piece that leaves a lasting impression. On the other hand, the remix becomes more interesting lyrically as it progresses. This song represents a breaking point moment. The details and progression are both fascinating.

This release’s success is due in large part to the vocal tone. BabyKage’s voice is expressive and full of personality, not to mention quick and natural enough to win you over from a distance.

It is challenging to create a track that appears to evolve and change consistently, with various sections at work, without relying on too many musical shifts or drops. BabyKage constructs an entire storyline and series of scenes around his audience, relying solely on his own voice for the most part.

It’s an addictive song that flows, and the arrangement of these lines appears brilliant yet straightforward. As a result, that fan base is almost certain to grow in the coming months.

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