Maxwell Rafeian melts away the weight of the world with his delicately expressive, emotive, and skillful musicality; particularly on this stunning yet simplistically beautiful new single New World. It is a sensational piece of music, simple and short, yet complex in the mood and escapism it creates for the listener – a place your mind can wander, or fall still; depending on what you need from it.

Maxwell Rafeian is a long-time pianist from Uk. As a person who is passionate about the music he went to Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and graduated in order to make his natural talent and ability sharp with technical skills. He is not the usual pianist you will see. Though he likes classical music he wants to make something much more interesting and unique for his listeners. Following the notes of the progression in a hypnotically smooth with a nice punch and energy to it, Maxwell showcases all at once a fine ear for original compositions, a clear ability to present the changing energy and emotions of a musical journey – the softer moments, the quicker, more electrified ones – and a strong sense of artistic identity. It represents the idea of overconfidence and a false sense of success. His first published work titled The Five Stages of Grief, op.1 which was released in 2020 and so far getting good feedback from all who love the style of his music.

There’s an air of the natural world to the whole thing, to the notes chosen, the manner in which they’re played, and the genuine sound of the piano keys. New World is a beautifully addictive piece of music, with a timeless and recognisable quality that will likely keep listeners coming back to lock in once more. A fantastic artist, one well worth looking out for more amazing masterpieces from in the near future. 

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