ODDxRude’s music is about as authentic as hip-hop gets. The track New Drip” showcases an artist with an intense level of passion for music and lyricism, as well as one with fresh bars, a genuine sense of storytelling, and a characterful leading voice.

ODDxRude’s flow is rhythmic and emotional but perfectly in keeping with the upbeat and motivational energy of the music supporting it. The storytelling is important, this is something truly unique to the artist, so you get a release that is both packed with individuality, and professionally, thoughtfully crafted and finished.

There’s something addictively fresh about this latest release from artist “ODDxRude.”. From the very first moment, the high quality and character of the production is crystal clear, and as the vocals come into play, this creatively structured yet undeniably focused piece of music and lyricism unfolds. The opening simplicity of those distorted bass notes sets a humble yet effective scene within which the upcoming, leading voice can completely thrive and overwhelm its audience.

The style and swagger of that leading vocal is on point, the tone of voice, the confidence, the underlying message – the sound has rhythm and power and showcases a constantly evolving, ever capable lyricist and performer. The structure of the track pays tribute to that minimalist element in a way, there’s an abundance of creativity in terms of the layout – the arrangement of the lyrics, the verses, the hook – but for the most part the whole thing has been very cleverly crafted so as to draw your focus to the flawless finish of it all and the strength and energy of those vocal parts.

There’s definitely a further sense of character and individuality to the performance. Elsewhere within ODDxRude’s releases this same thread of individuality continues to show itself –”New Drip ” is a strong example. This manic fusion of vocal parts is something you come to expect from the musician and songwriter. The lyrics follow a certain pathway that shows itself to be a lasting trait of his work.

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